Antiques Identification and Appraisal Clinic Coming to Chipman

Ever wondered if that old thing in the closet is worth anything? What is that thing Grandma kept in the cupboard? Why did Grandpa give me this thing? How is this old object used? When was it made? Who used it? Queens County Heritage and friends in Chipman can help you out!

Antiques Identification Clinic

Antiques Identification Clinic

On Saturday, 6 June, 10am to 4 pm Queens County Heritage in partnership with the Village of Chipman will be hosting an Antiques Identification and Appraisal Clinic at the Heritage Center, Chipman. Bring along your treasures for an evaluation by experts.   Three items may be evaluated for a charge of $15.

The experts include museum curators and antiques collectors, dealers and auctioneers.

“There is so much curiosity out there for heritage objects,” says QC Heritage Executive Director, Susan Shalala. “What is it? How was it used? Who used it? This is an opportunity for the public to share in the excitement of discovery that we experience every day as we research museum objects.”

These “Antiques Roadshow” type events are not unusual these days says QC Heritage President, Bruce Thomson, “We’ve done this type of event several times before and we are always thrilled to see the amazing and unusual items that come through the day. It is quite an education for us.”

And the appraisals? Thomson smiles and says, “For museums the value isn’t monetary. It is the story of the object, how and where it was used, who used it and when, that is important.” But people like to know the value of their items, he adds, “So we’ve brought in experts who can give people an idea of their treasures’ worth.”

Very large items are discouraged and those that are in poor condition, however Shalala says almost anything else is acceptable. “In the past we’ve had everything from fine ceramics to artworks to jewellery to tools to furniture and everything in between.”

Participants can set up their treasures on tables, chat and peruse the other treasures while the experts make the rounds. “While you might not speak to an expert immediately, the three or four experts are on the constant move around the room so it usually isn’t too long before you speak to someone,” explains Thomson.   He and Shalala will be keeping things organized. “A tiny bit of patience is required, but it is so interesting and fun we encourage people to come and stay for a while.”

Lunch and snacks will be available so come along and spend the day… you never know what you’ll see next!

For more information contact Queens County Heritage at 488-2483, or follow us on Facebook at

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