Art Under the Influence – Caroline A. Slipp Gilbert

Caroline A. Slipp Gilbert (1866-1900), painting: Landscape, 1897, oil on board, gift of Doris Neill Brundage, 1995 (1995.64)

Caroline A. Slipp Gilbert (1866-1900)
painting: Landscape, 1897
oil on board
Gift of Doris Neill Brundage, 1995 (1995.64) © 2019 All Rights Reserved Queens County Heritage

Very little is known about Caroline Slipp Gilbert.  Carrie, as she was known, was born about 1866, the daughter of John Slipp and Julia Colwell, Free Baptists of Upper Hampstead.   She married Thomas Winslow Gilbert, the son of Dr. Humphrey Gilbert and Margaret Hewlett of Gagetown, 11 October 1899.  Carrie died in childbirth 26 October 1900 and her death is referenced in Samuel Crawford’s diary.  Thomas married Margaret Ethel Law in 1905 and died 18 October 1925.

This is the only known example of Caroline’s work and shows some skill.  If she had an interest, like most young women of her time she would have pursued painting as a pastime or a means of entertainment.  Certainly she married later in life by 19th century standards, but there is no evidence she worked professionally or had formal training.  The painting seems to be an amalgamation of scenes.  The foreground looks like something local including a facsimile of a New Brunswick woodboat.  The high mountains of the background however indicate something made up or perhaps like Anthony Flower, something she has seen in a magazine or book.  The frame is in excellent condition with a few minor losses over time.  Unfortunately, the painting itself was viciously over-cleaned as some point, losing some of its original sky and water colouring in the process.  This painting was part of Art Under the Influence in the summer of 2012.

If anyone has additional information regarding Caroline, we would be thrilled to find out more about her.  To see the painting in person, visit us in the summer or contact

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