Art Under the Influence

Exhibition title banner

Exhibition title banner

The signature summer exhibition at the Court House, Art Under the Influence explored the artistic legacy of Queens County over three centuries through artists’ motivation and influences.  As one of our most successful exhibitions and in case you missed it, we are pleased to share some of the stories with our members.

Artists are inspired by a variety of things.  For some, stimulation may come from the people around them, the landscape, other artists or the mass media of the day.  For others, formal training provides the knowledge for a professional career or if self-taught, painting becomes a means of survival.

Official Opening, 5 August 2012

Official Opening, 5 August 2012

For artists who work for enjoyment only, there can be many more options for inspiration. Not restricted by the requirements of a client, the works are stimulated by family and friends around the artist, the landscape, world events, prints by other artists, or an illustration in a newspaper or magazine.  Queens County has no shortage of dramatic landscapes, river vistas, fascinating characters and connections to the wider world which influenced a significant group of artists.  While not professionals, this group can hardly be called amateurs given the quality of their work; however as far as we know, they created for pleasure and earned their livelihoods through other pursuits.

Official Opening, 5 August 2012

Official Opening, 5 August 2012

The rich tradition of Queens County artists and craftspeople continues to this day. To link our artistic heritage to the present, contemporary artists and artisans were invited to be influenced by one of the historical works and take up the creative challenge to generate a new piece in their preferred medium.  The content of each piece provides thought-provoking clues as to what moved the artist to create.  The results showcase the incredible talent currently working in Queens County and demonstrate the vibrant impact of artistic production on our communities.

In Queens County there exists an unbroken chain of artistic excellence over three centuries with the works themselves speaking the loudest.  Our artists are inspired and we, in return, are inspired by them.

Official Opening, 5 August 2012

Official Opening, 5 August 2012

Thanks are due a number of people who made the exhibition possible.  It goes without saying the contributions of the contemporary artists are immeasurable:  Russell London, Flo Greig, Tim Greer, Heather MacAlpine, David Eastwood, Danielle Thomson, Michael McQuay, Kim Stubbs, Richard Flynn, Nancy Blanchard-Macdonald, George Strunz, Jean Fraser, Jim McGinnis, Bob Francis, Ryan Livngstone and Nathanial Bond. Many thanks to he exhibitions committee of Gerald Breau, Charles Brown, Cath Coombes, Andrew McGinnis, Bruce Thomson and Susan Shalala.  And so many other behind-the-scenes people: fine art conservators Adam Karpowicz and Claire Titus; Sean Driscoll, frame restoration; Hal Billard for new easels; INK Graphic design; Amy’s Custom Framing; the Exhibitions Renewal Program of the Province of New Brunswick and of course our invaluable friends at the New Brunswick Museum.

The following articles highlight the historical works and the very talented artists of our county.  For more information about the exhibition or the artists, contact us at

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