A Halloween Anniversary

Happy Halloween Anniversary to Jacob Vanwart and Sarah McAlpine… or not ’cause the day was also rather sad for them.  We wonder if Halloween in 1839 was quite the commercial extravaganza it is today… we doubt very much.

Marriage certificate, 1839, Jacob Vanwart and Sarah MacAlpine

Marriage certificate, 1839, Jacob Vanwart and Sarah MacAlpine

Jacob Vanwart (1803-1864) and Sarah McAlpine (1811-1884) were married on this date in 1839.  Jacob VanWart, the son of Loyalists William VanWart (1770-1850) and Elizabeth Hustis (1777-1856), first married Hannah Belyea in 1828.  Hannah’s death is uncertain but obviously (we hope) before his second marriage in 1839 which resulted in three children:  Margaret, Charles and Amelia.  Jacob Vanwart died Monday, 31 October 1864 (his 25th wedding anniversary!) and his obituary notes he was to be taken to Long Island, Queens County for burial.  When Sarah died in December 1884 in Boston, she was buried at Fernhill Cemetery, Saint John.

Marriage certificate, 1839, Jacob Vanwart and Sarah MacAlpine

Marriage certificate, 1839, Jacob Vanwart and Sarah MacAlpine

Sarah was the daughter of Loyalists Charles MacAlpine (1770-1852)  and Christean Balmain (1771-1863).  Charles was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the son of Peter MacAlpine (born c.1726) and Elizabeth Watters (born c.1732).  The MacAlpines came to New Brunswick with the Loyalists in 1783 and initially settled on Lower Musquash Island, south of Gagetown.  In 1794 Charles married Christean and had twelve children that intermarried with other Loyalist families – Sarah being one connected to the Vanwarts.  More than likely after the first major freshet in the St. John River valley, the family removed itself to higher ground on Otnabog Lake, Hampstead Parish, where the family remained until the late 20th century.

When Christean died in 1863 at the age of 92, her obituary in the Religious Intelligencer read:

d. Cambridge (Queens Co.) Tuesday 2nd inst., at h[er] son’s residence, Christian w/o late Charles MacALPINE, age 92. She was born at Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to this Province with the Loyalists at which place she resided until her death; being the mother of 12 children, 81 grandchildren 46 great grand children, one great great grandchild. On Friday 5th her body was confined in the narrow house confined for all living, in hopes that her spirit was basking in the sunbeams of immortal light, in the presence of her saviour. Sermon by Rev. John Reed, Wesleyan minister of Gagetown.

To see the marriage certificate in person, contact us at info@queenscountyheritage.com or visit the Court House.

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