Cheryl Bogart Receives Life Membership

Purchased in honour of Cheryl Bogart for 25 years faithful service as Secretary to the Board of Directors

Purchased in honour of Cheryl Bogart, for 25 years faithful service as Secretary to the Board of Directors, 2011 © 2019 All Rights Reserved Queens County Heritage

During Christmas in the Village 2011, Cheryl Bogart received a Life Membership to Queens County Heritage in honour of her twenty-five years of faithful service as Secretary to the Board of Directors.  In addition to the membership, the Board purchased a painting by Cheryl for the QCH fine art collection, the subject of which is a little porcelain doll from the collection.  Many thanks, Cheryl for all your work!


Cheryl Bogart served as the Secretary of Queens County Heritage for 25 years.  Cheryl has deep roots in our community as resident of Jemseg and as one of New Brunswick’s finest artistic talents.  She brings a unique perspective on arts and culture to our organization, carrying on the legacy of Anthony Flower and Abraham Wood, making Queens County a center of excellence for art and fine craft.

President Bruce Thomson presents Cheryl Bogart with a QCH Life Membership

President Bruce Thomson presents Cheryl Bogart with a QCH Life Membership

As one of the founding board members in 1986, when the Queens County Historical Society took over the management of the Tilley House Museum, Cheryl diligently recorded the minutes of well over 200  meetings—in long-hand!  The stack of minute books are a stunningly detailed account of the history of our organization and make for fascinating reading.  Her abilities to capture the spirit of lengthy discussions and her sensitivity to rare challenges was greatly appreciated by former President Russell Bond and myself.  On more than one occasion, however, after a lively and energetic debate, the phrase, “after much discussion” appears and makes one wonder what really happened!

Cheryl possesses a keen sense of humour.  Sitting quietly at the Board table, if you glanced at her notes, you would often see sketches of those of us around the table.  All flattering, of course.  She rarely misses the joke and more than once, she and I have erupted into giggles in the middle of meetings, to the astonishment and tsk-tsking of other board members.  While never one to give a lady’s age away, I confess I always considered Cheryl of my generation.  Until one day another kind member said to me, “You know, she’s older than you think.  She has grandchildren!”  But that never stopped me from thinking of Cheryl as one of the hippest of our crowd and looking to her to keep us young.

Besides her recording abilities, Cheryl has made innumerable contributions to our organization.  Always the first to volunteer to bake cookies or roast a ham and for several years her plum pudding was a staple of our Christmas in the Village raffle.  In 1988, she collaborated with Myra D’Aoust and Dawn Bremner to produce the artwork for our publication, The Country Diary of Samuel Crawford; in 1990 she produced drawings for our first Court House brochure; and in 2004, she produced over twenty drawings and paintings for the Someone Before Us exhibition.

The announcement that Cheryl planned to retire in 2011 came as a surprise to all of us, but understandable.  We weren’t quite sure how we would get on with things without her.  But Cheryl is the first to admit, that life carries on and each new challenge in our lives is a blessing and an opportunity.  The chapters we close, are never left behind, but carried with us always, gently, in the heart.  We are so proud to call her our colleague . . . and our friend.

Congratulations, Cheryl, on a job well done!

Bruce Thomson, President
25 November 2011

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1 Response to Cheryl Bogart Receives Life Membership

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, this is to say congratulations and that it warmed my heart to read such nice things about you. They are all true of course! I think about you often!

    Lynn James (Derradji-Aouat). All the way from St. John’s NL.

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