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Yours truly, LA Tilley

Yours truly, LA Tilley

Leonard Arthur Tilley signed this photograph of himself 3 June 1873.  LA Tilley was born 19 November 1852 the fifth child and second son of Samuel Leonard Tilley and his first wife, Julia Ann Hanford.  On the 27 April 1876 he married Alice Wilmouth Purdy, the daughter of John Dean Purdy, at St. John’s Church, Saint John.  At the time of his marriage, Leonard Arthur was living in Toronto.

Leonard and Alice had two children:  Laura Edith Howland Tilley (1877-c. 1921) and John Arthur St. John Tilley (Jan/Feb 1881- 31 March 1881).  Since Alice Purdy Tilley died 6 February 1881, at Aitken, South Carolina, it is probable that the birth of John Arthur had something to do with her death and the infant’s own death a few weeks later at Washington, DC.  At the time of his wife and son’s deaths, Leonard Arthur Tilley was still living in Toronto, Ontario.  It appears he never remarried, dying 11 August 1913 at the age of 60.

The photograph is by James Notman, Saint John, the brother of the famous Montreal photographer, William Notman.  The James Notman studio operated from 1872 until about 1890.

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