January 1823 – Anthony Flower’s Journal

Anthony Flower's Journal, January 1823

Anthony Flower's Journal, January 1823

As 2011 marches on swiftly with a little snow, a little wind,a little ice, a little cold, and at least today, LOTS of sunshine, here is a look back at Queens County in January 1823 from Anthony Flower’s Journal.  Keep in mind, at this point Anthony had only been in New Brunswick for 5-6 years, he was married and his son Cornelius was an infant.

January 1 1823 fine day very cold hauled one loade of Wood

2 Snowed about 3 inches thick

3 moderate and overcast hauled one load of Wood

4 fine day very cold the 2 Jacksons went out to the river last night

5 Sunday snowed all day very cold

6 very had wind from the NW snow drifted and very cold.

The journal consists of one piece of paper, written on both sides, given to us by Anthony Flower descendant Carolee Chute in 2009.  It begins 30 September 1822 and ends 6 January 1823 and was probably part of a larger booklet.  Wouldn’t it be great to find the rest of it? To see the journal pages in person, visit the Flower House this summer.

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