Happy Anniversary to the McCrackins!

Marriage certificate, Richard McCrackin and Jane Mackim

Marriage certificate, Richard McCrackin and Jane Mackim

On 28 October 1835 Richard McCrackin, Parish of Hampstead, and Jane Mackim, also of Hampstead Parish, were married by George Jarvis.  The marriage was witnessed by John McKim and Andrew McClelland.  Richard McCrackin signed is own name to the certificate, however, Jane could only manage “her mark”, an x witnessed by the minister, indicating she could not read or write.

At the time of their marriage, Richard McCrackin (or McCracken) and Jane Mackim (or McKim) resided in the Parish of Hampstead, however with the partition of Hampstead and Gagetown parishes  in 1838, the McCrackins found themselves in Petersville Parish.  They appear in the 1861 and 1871 Queens County Census in Petersville Parish, born c. 1806 and c. 1811 respectively, and both natives of Ireland; in the list of householders for 1865-1866, their residence is listed as Petersville Church, a community located about 8 miles northeast of Welsford, now part of CFB Gagetown.

According to Richard McCrackin’s death notice in the Saint John Daily Telegraph, published 1 November 1887, he died at age 81, was living at Armstrong’s Corner and left a wife, 6 sons and 2 daughters.  From the census records the children are as follows: William, Mary A., George T., Richard, Henry, Jane E., Joseph and Robert E.  By 1891, Jane is living with her son, Henry and his wife Jane Eliza Ferguson, and their three children: Joseph A. , William H. and Jane E.  This Joseph and William attended the local school at Armstrong’s Corner in 1880s and 1890s.  Oddly, the family do not seem to appear in the 1901 Census and there is only a reference to the above William McCracken in the 1911 Census, who at that point is married to Maude Edith Woods and with four children: Harry W., Anna B., Mable and Jessie.  Two more children followed in 1912 and 1913: Elsie Woods and George Edward.

The death date for Jane Mackim and McCrackin is unknown at this point, as well as the burial place for Richard McCrackin.  Their son, Henry, died in 1931 and is buried in the Welsford Valley Cemetery along with his wife, Jane Eliza who died in 1923, and son William and some of William’s family.  William McCracken, grandson of Richard and Jane, died in 1961 and his wife, Maude Edith in 1976; descendants of this William must still be around!

For more details, contact us at www. queenscountyheritage.com or if anyone has additional information about this family, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  It’s amazing how a little piece of paper can inspire almost a century of family history!

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3 Responses to Happy Anniversary to the McCrackins!

  1. Dwight McCracken says:

    Good morning,

    I am replying to your information regarding “Happy Anniversary to the McCrackins!”
    posted October 28, 2010.

    My name is Dwight McCracken and I am a great grandson of William McCracken and Maude Edith Woods and grandson of Harry W. McCracken.

    I would be happy to fill in the blanks as best I can if you are interested.

  2. Susan Conway McCracken says:

    SO happy to come across this article! My husband is a descendant of Richard and Jane’s son Joseph (appears on the 1900 US Census in Calais, Maine.) Richard would be my husband’s 3rd great grandfather.

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