Quilt of the Day – conclusion

Detail, Hibernia Students 1911

Detail, Hibernia Students 1911

The Stitch in Time exhibition officially closed on Sunday and is being de-installed today.  In honour of the closing, below is our last 2010 installment of the Quilt of the Day feature.

This beautiful red and white signature quilt was made by Helen Beatrice Vallis about 1920.  The quilt features red embroidered animals and natural scenes along with a special block, pictured at right, that lists the students at Hibernia School in 1911.

Signature quilt by Helen Beatrice Vallis

Signature quilt by Helen Beatrice Vallis

Helen was born in New Jerusalem, 14 March 1895, the daughter of Edward D. Vallis and Pheobe A. Dunn. Helen was a teacher in Hibernia, Olinville, Hamilton Mountain and North Clones, 1911-1915 and married Harris (Harry) Harding Reid, 23 October 1918.  They had one daughter, Jean, who was born in Saint John.  The family soon relocated to Windsor, Nova Scotia, where Harry worked as a photographer.

Jean Reid married Arthur Bishop in 1948 and moved west in 1951.  In 2004, Mrs. Bishop presented the quilt to Queens County Heritage.  Sadly, when we contacted Jean to let her know about the Stitch in Time exhibition, we learned she had passed away in January 2009.  We very much appreciate her very kind donation, for thinking of Queens County from such a long distance, and for entrusting us with the care and preservation of her mother’s very special quilt.

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