Quilt of the Day

Contrary Wife Pattern

Contrary Wife Pattern

This fine quilt was purchased by Queens County Heritage at an estate auction earlier in the year.  On first glance it looks like an ordinary nine patch pattern, however on closer examination it is a pattern called Contrary Wife – as if to demonstrate the contrariness, every now and then one of the triangular pieces of the pattern goes in a different direction!  The white blocks exhibit some of the finest quilting in the museum collection and the overall condition is very good, indicating this was a special piece.

The quilt was purchased from the home of the late Arthur and Evelyn Black, Cambridge-Narrows.  Given the style of pattern and the type and colour of materials used, we believe this quilt was made about 1940 and could possibly be a trousseau quilt made by or for Evelyn when she married Arthur Camp Black (18 February 1920 – 29 January 2009), the son of Frank and Susie Camp Black, 18 December 1940.

Evelyn Vera Pugsley (6 February 1925 – 30 November 2004) was born in Cambridge, the daughter of Frederick Gilbert Pugsley and Bessie Edna Reece.  She was a Life Member of the Women’s Missionary Society and Women’s Institute, serving as president of both organizations, and was very involved in the activities of the local Baptist Church and the Queens-Sunbury Baptist Association, serving as the first woman moderator of the Association.  Evelyn was known for her cooking, especially her pies, and worked for a number of years at various restaurants.

To see this great piece of handwork, and many others, visit the Stitch in Time exhibition at the Court House – Just until this weekend!

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