Quilt of the Day!

Machum Quilt, 1900-1920

Machum Quilt, 1900-1920

This fun quilt was given to Queens County Heritage in 1975 by Rilla Machum (1902-1989), Fredericton.  Miss Machum was the daughter of George Eber Machum (1 May 1865 -5 February 1947) and Alice Gertrude Hamilton (14 January 1867 – 22 March 1945), New Jerusalem, and a member of the extensive Alexander Machum family of New Jerusalem.  Educated at the Pollyhurst School, Miss Machum worked in Toronto for a time, and later worked in Fredericton as a seamstress.  She inherited her childhood home in 1947 upon the death of her father; the property was part of the 1952 Expropriation to make way for CFB Gagetown.  In 1975 Miss Machum also donated a blue and white, handwoven coverlet made by Amelia Jane Stockford, Hibernia.

The quilt features various animals and flowers embroidered with a vibrant red thread.  Possibly a child’s quilt, however the dimensions are full size indicating it was for an adult bed.  The maker is unknown, however it was probably made by Alice Gertrude Hamilton Machum in the early 20th century.  It is possible that Rilla and her sisters, Lulu Vivian (1893-1972) and Mildred Emily (1894-1985), assisted with the quilt as well.  Another possibility is that the quilt pre-dates 1900 and was part of Alice Gertrude Hamilton’s trouseau when she married George Machum, 1 July 1891.  Another mystery!  Visit the Stitch In Time exhibition to see the quilt close-up.

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