News from the Flower House!

Wendy Nielsen & Friends Concert

Wendy Nielsen & Friends Concert

Life at the Lakes was a huge success. All events were very well attended, including the new “Making of Anthony’s Art” exhibition which debuted last Saturday here at the Flower House. About 400 people visited the house over the weekend (August 7/8). Many of those visitors also purchased tickets to the Wendy Nielsen and Friends concert that concluded Saturday’s activities. There was so much interest in the concert that we had to print extra tickets! All in all, we sold 220. Wendy Nielsen and her “friends” (pianist Anne Larlee, soprano Lauren Estey, as well as Cambridge-Narrows’ own Village Idiots) were very well received.  Proceeds from the concert go towards Life at the Lakes and many thanks to our partners:  the Washademoak Region Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Cambridge-Narrows; and our sponsors: Heritage Canada, Investors Group.

Spinner Elizabeth Simms

Spinner Elizabeth Simms

Life at the Lakes also saw a record weekend at the new Flower House gift shop. Sales were no doubt helped by the fact that some of the artisans whose work was for sale were giving on-site demonstrations. This included wool spinner Liz Simms and weaver Dawn Baer, who set up in the Flower House kitchen, as well as blacksmith Roger Small, who set up outside. We really enjoyed having them here with us over the weekend.

In other news, the vegetable garden here at the Flower House is starting to produce beans, which we harvested Thursday morning. More beans are on the way soon, and it looks like we may manage to get a few peas, although the plants themselves are really struggling.

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