Quilt of the Day!

Sawtooth Quilt, 1903

Sawtooth Quilt, 1903

This child’s quilt was made by Mary A. Vanwart Gerow (13 January 1859 – 8 March 1931) for her son, George Stephen Gerow (October 1903 – 1 August 1957) in 1903.  Mary was the twin sister of Charlotte D. Vanwart and both were the daughters of Alfred G. Vanwart (c. 1826 – 6 January 1909) and Susannah C. Vanwart (c. 1828 – 10 January 1895), of Wickham Parish.

Mary Vanwart married George L. Gerow (5 Feburary 1864 – 10 April 1925), the son of James Gerow (c. 1838 – 14 June 1874) and Eleanor Jane Gerow (21 August 1841 – 21 January 1918), Wickham Parish, on 27 Feburary 1884.  Mary and George lived at Wickham and had four children: Agnes (c. 1885 – unknown); Lottie (25 Feburary 1887 – 1978) who married Frederick C. Cameron (19 May 1882 – 1973) on 1 October 1905; Idora Bell (20 October 1889 – 1971) who married George Burnum Cameron (28 November 1885 – 28 April 1959) on 12 July 1909; and George Stephen for whom the quilt was made, who married Lillian Marguerite Foster on 26 September 1927.

Mary and George Gerow are buried in the Vanwart Cemetery, Wickham, just up river from where the Hampstead Ferry crossed.  Idora and George Cameron, and Lottie and Fred Cameron all lived at Hampstead.

The pattern is Sawtooth and like many quilt patterns, there are numerous variations.  Given the ages of the other Gerow children, it appears little George may have been a bit of a surprise addition to the family in 1903 and the first and only son.  He thus may have received some special attention, including the making and preservation of this quilt.

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