A Stitch in Time Opens on Sunday

A Stitch in Time, August-September 2010Queens County Heritage in partnership with the Akerley Area Quilt Guild is presenting an exhibition of quilts, A Stitch in Time, beginning August 1 and continuing to September 19. The quilts on display, selected from Queens County Heritage’s permanent collection and the personal collections of Guild members, show the broad range of materials, techniques, styles and patterns used over the course of almost two centuries.

Sawtooth pattern, 1903 made by Mary Gerow

Sawtooth pattern, 1903 made by Mary Gerow

The exhibition features an eclectic array of quilts largely from Queens County, including examples of pieced and appliquéd quilts. A 1920s crazy quilt incorporates elaborate stitching and luxurious silk, satin and velvet material; another is a fine late 19th century example of the traditional log cabin pattern; a 1903 child’s quilt; and still another is a pre-World War I signature quilt made by a teacher from New Jerusalem. Patterns include Nine Patch, Sawtooth, Log Cabin, Contrary Wife and many others.

Jewel Box pattern, c. 1930

Jewel Box pattern, c. 1930

Queens County Heritage houses an impressive and steadily expanding collection of quilts and related textiles.  Bruce Thomson, President of Queens County Heritage explains that “while quilts are one of the practical comforts of home, they are also stunning works of art.  And most importantly, they are one of the tangible ways in which the activities of women are recorded and preserved.”  Thomson also praises the spirit of cooperation from both partner organizations and gives full credit to an organizing committee made up of members from Queens County Heritage and the Quilt Guild.  “This type of project cannot be done by one person,” he adds.  “The sharing of talents, skills and resources in these challenging times is a personal highlight.”

Akerley Area Quilt Guild

Akerley Area Quilt Guild

Mary Anne Chrisjohn, who serves on the QCH Board of Directors and is a member of the Quilt Guild, agrees.  “It is always a pleasure to bring together community groups for projects and activities.  It is even more exciting to be a member of both groups and be involved with the planning and installation of such beautiful handwork.”  Placing contemporary quilts in the exhibition adds impact to the overall story, adds Chrisjohn. “Seeing the work we are doing today beside the historical pieces really gives a sense of place, community identity and tradition.”

A Stitch in Time official opening is 2 pm, Sunday, August 1, at the Queens County Court House, 16 Court House Road, Gagetown with special speaker, Cecile Grant, Fredericton.  Grant is an expert quilter and collector and will present, If Quilts Could Talk, the stories of some of her rescued quilts.  A Stitch in Time runs up to and including the Queens County Fair, September 16-19.

For more information please contact Queens County Heritage at 488-2483 or info@queenscountyheritage.com

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