Community Day

It is now July, the time to get married it seems as we go back all this month to a great many marriage certificates! The museum giftshop is opening tomorrow for Cambridge-Narrows Community Day. The shop will be selling a wide variety of things: books, clothing, pottery, jewelry, woodworking, and more. We’re fortunate that many local craftspeople have agreed to have some of their work for sale here as well. Tomorrow will be a busy and exciting day!

On the agricultural front, we have completely finished planting. As of today, we counted 60 healthy green bean plants, 20 pea plants, and too many turnip and cabbage plants to count. Also, as an experiment, we have planted 3 varieties of heritage beans. These are varieties that were actually used by settlers in the approximate area (one variety is from Maine, one from Quebec, and one from the Acadian coast of NB). The garden is thriving thanks to the great weather we’ve had; every day new plants are popping up.

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One Response to Community Day

  1. Bruce says:

    Yay for us! I can taste the beans already, Mr. Flower. Good luck with the shop and sell, Sell, SELL! And if you are planning to get married, no better place to purchase that special gift than the Museum Shops!

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